Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello Kitty


In my latest blog i spoke about the newest line to Mac's cosmetics which is Hello kityy, which i had explained it was a must have. I have to say this was one time i had fell into the whole hype around this new line, i fell in love with it as soon as i saw pictures and i knew ii had to have it. But i didn't want to get my hopes up too high, although Mac is known for there excellent makeup, they we're introducing such very different things, and what happens with hype usually comes disappointment in finding out that things aren't as great as expected. So with my mind set, i decided to check things out for myself and decide. Minutes upon walking into the Mac store after looking around, i instantly laid my eyes upon everything Hello kitty, and i was hooked like a kid in a candy store. Although there selection wasn't really big due to the items selling out like hot cakes, still had appeal to them, and even though i wanted to take everything there with me, i decided to buy a compact that came in such a cool color. The colors for this line, is very bright, and girly good for the summer, and might look at to scary, because no girl wants to look like a clown, they have makeup assistance where they will let you try the makeup before purchasing. I fell in love with the pink rosy blush called tippy but ended up getting a powder compact in tahitian which was so smooth on my face, and gave me such a natural glow, and it didn't feel as if i didn't have any makeup on, and it i looked the part as well, which i love. Now they have lip gloss, eye shadows, blushes, beauty powder, to littile accessories such as makeup bags, charm bracelets, to a little doll of hello kitty. But my favorite part of the visit is that they give you a free little tote bag with any hello kitty purchase, you don't even have to buy much just one item and the bag is yours.


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