Monday, March 9, 2009

Keeping it real

It's funny how now everyone is now wanting to claim how real they are, and how there the realest person we could ever meet. Now everyone want to say how they are so real, and way to blunt to handle, because they speak there mind. Now don't get me wrong i am all up for people having a voice and speaking up for themselves but there is a time, and place for all that. But please this whole real shit is all a joke, and people really need to face it just because you claim your real doesn't mean your real. How many times have i seen fake as bitches, and pussy ass niggas claim how real they are, and how no one wants a piece of them, the same people who are fake, the backstabbers, the hoes, the ghetto bitches, low life niggas, and especially those who go around talking shit behind everyone's back is usually the ones claiming they are so real, when even confronted on there bluff they will lie to the fullest. Now tell me if thats real, and for those who swear there shit don't stink where they feel as if there's god's gift to man kind always talking about people hate on them, because of the fact that there real, i sincerely laugh upon them because no one hates on you because your real, we hate you because you think your gold and honestly you ain't worth shit. And just because you say mean shit or put your two sense in when not needed doesn't mean your real, if no one ask's for your opinion than don't provide one. I can't tell you how many people i know who goes and say shit that ain't even cute, always saying some thing negative to bring you down then end up saying how sensitive you are and that there are such a good friend and thats why they tell it like it is, and all we can do is respect that fact. Real my ass, yeah a friend speaks the truth but not to intentionally speak words to hurt, you say mean shit because you want to not because it was needed. But what i find funny is if the tables would turn they would be hurt and say how foul you are. Another thing that urks me is how people is always talking about how they put some one on to the latest clothes or artist and gets pissed when people start saying how they been knew about it before you brought it to there attention, or how people always talk about people biting off them and want to put them on blast and humiliates them, or like on myspace if someones page has some kind of graphic that you have or your page resembles there's now they want to go hard. Some one is always going to copy off of you regardless on how original you are, just see it as how people must really like your work to find it worth copying. I'm tired of these stank ass people and it all needs to stop. I feel if you are so real as you claim you are you shouldn't have to brag about it and as corny as this might sound you should just be about it because i think those who take act speaks louder than words. I find it to be all to be nonsense and to me it's just looking like alot of wanna be's, and please please can people stop being full of themselves.

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