Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Have you ever woke up, and wanted to stay in bed, because you basically feel like crap. Well thats how i feel, puffy eyes, running nose, head ache and running nose is what i have, and i hate it. I feel like pure shit, and i can only imagine how unattractive i look, and for me being a person that hates medicine to a person that is drinking every medicine in her cabinet, and nothing seems to work. And it's not like i have any one to take care of me, which is having me wish on the old days when your mom use to tuck you into bed, and attend to your every needs making you soup and tea till you recover. but thats something that deminishes with age and your left to fend for yourself. And it sucks that i feel this way, i hate being sick because i don't have the power to do anything and that means i have to put everything that i usually do, or things i need to do or want to do on hold. I don't mind the headache or the little shivers here or there but i do mind nasal congestion and having to blow my nose constantly, which with me i'm constantly blowing my nose, and now i look like rudolph the red nose reindeer with a huge tissue burn on my face. I tried all the medicine and nothing seems to work, everyone is telling me to try the nasal spray but i don't want to i find it very uncomfortable and just dont like it. I wish there was a magic medicine that works instantly upon using it, because i can't stand to feel this way. All i want is to be pampered and to be cared for, and for someone to help me out, and although my boyfriend is helping me as much as he can, he can't be there all the time i hate the fact that he has to go off for work, and it's not because i'm lazy or want to be lazy i just feel i need a break to recover. Plus i need to figure out which medicines can rapidly work and help me, because vics 44 and theraflu just isn't doing it

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  1. nyquil, honey! and lots of orange juice.
    i know when i get sick i just take a dose of nyquil, drink a lot of orange juice, and sleep for a while i feel better.

    i hope you get well soon! :)